Old Fashion Icecream Social & Baked Goods Auction

Blooming Rose will hold the annual Old Fasion Icecream Social and Baked Goods Auction on July 10th 2010 beginning at 5:00pm. There will be chicken bar-be-que and ham dinners, sandwiches, homemade sides and a variety of homemade icecream flavors. The baked goods auction will begin around 6:30pm (or as weather permits).

Anyone wishing to help can report to the church beginning at 9:00am when icecream making will begin. We will need help cleaning the social building, setting up tables and chairs, preparing the mixes, freezing the icecream and cleanng up afterwards. Hand crank freezers will be available for those wishing to do it the ‘old fasioned’ way.

Thanks in advance to those willing to donate homemade icecream mixes and homemade baked items. Please deliver icecream mixes to the church before 10:30am so we have an idea of how many freezers we will need.